Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Final Nail

So I got the call from Pete (LAF drummer and master of all things electrical, wood working and studio constructing….a one man machine) that the studio is FINISHED! Fuck Yeah! He spent the last two nights breaking ass with all the finishing details and man does the place look sweet. I was there helping him just two days ago and it was looking pretty good then, but he stepped up and rocked it out and when I arrived tonight I was pretty blown away. Even better than that was the fact that tonight was the first time we actually started loading in some of the recording gear. Yep, this whole process is actually becoming real now. I’ve been a spectator through this whole process so far, I did do some cleaning up, cheerleading and basic labor-type work witch might just pay off because if we can’t make this record sound good enough to do some touring and maybe make enough money to pay some rent for a little bit I’ll at least have some experience at the only job any self respecting musician can do besides play music……a laborer on a construction site, but to be honest I’ll probably end up being the old guy lugging beer up from the basement of a local bar. Hopefully I won’t have to write about that experience for a few years. Fingers crossed.

So there are a few reasons that the “excitement factor” for this recording is a bit higher than a lot of the past records I’ve recorded. First off, all of my previous recordings have been homemade, super small budget affairs. No complaints and this is kinda the same deal, but totally different. Let me explain. As with the first LAF album and all the Lenola albums, we recorded them in a very DIY fashion. The spare bedroom was the “control room”; the better part of the living room or dank ass basement was the “cutting room”. This experience is gonna be a good bit different as we actually have what resembles a real recording studio and the equipment also is being stepped up into the “real” studio world. The extra bonus is that I’ll still have the luxury of being able to do some of the recording/writing at home. I have a nice little second bedroom/studio space right here in my new place in south Philly that rests only three blocks from our studio. I’m getting a nice new computer that will mirror our studio computer and I’ll be able to bring an external hard drive home with me and work on all the keyboard and programming stuff in the comfort of my own place like the old days. The best of both worlds man. A sweet ass studio for all the “live” recording and a nice little bedroom studio to concentrate on all the little details that I enjoy so much. I’ll have the sweetest studio tan when this recording is over. If all goes as planned I should be fucking transparent when all is said and done.

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