Thursday, August 16, 2007

Good news from the LAF front...

So it’s been a while since I’ve checked in. How have you been? Good? Great! I’ve
been well too. Lot’s of good news to report, but I didn’t want to count any chicks before they hatched. They’ve just barely breached the shell and are still stumbling around like drunks on payday, but the few that have made it out of the shell have good things to report on the Like A Fox front..

Chick number one knows: The “self tiled” Like A Fox album is ready and set to be released by Pronoia Records in the UK. This has been a long process, but after much anticipation and nail biting, it’s all a go! The release date has yet to be set, but the masters have been sent out, the artwork has been sailed across the sea and contracts have been penned. All you blokes on the other side of the pond better buy a few copies of the LP so we can come over and rock and drink our way through your land….the first round is on us!

Chick number two knows: We have signed a sweet deal with Transit Of Venus Records based out of Philadelphia to release the next and soon to be recorded Like A Fox album. The “CEO” of TOV is a great guy that really believes in the “music” and has afforded us the chance to make the record I’ve always known we were capable of and now we’ll actually be able to deliver on. Thanks Jim!

Chick Number Three Knows: We (mainly Pete) have spent the last two months building a studio in our practice space. It’s in the last stages of finally being completed….seems one week turns into to two, two weeks turns into months, but they always say “anything worth doing is worth it’s weight in gold and two in the bush is better than one in your….foot….?!?!” Ummmm….anyway…The studio is set and the gear will be loaded in by the time you read this. I have a bunch of tunes ready to go and cannot wait to get going. If you like good tunes and have a pair of nice headphones and are willing to use them I promise we will not disappoint.

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