Thursday, January 3, 2008

Save The Date!

The Game is on…We have booked time at our friend Brian McTear’s Miner Street Studios to start mixing the album on Jan. 11th. Fuck, it feels really good to type that. It marks the end of a really long/fun/ sometimes very frustrating (go back to the earlier posts when we spent a month just trying to get our studio computer to work correctly) and what now seems like endless good times making music that I’m almost sad to see come to an end. We’re not officially finished, but we’re damn close. I put down the last of the vocal tracks and final “lead” gtr a few nights ago. I still have three tunes that need keys, but I’m already on that shit. It’s tough to concentrate on the final touches in the holiday season. Too many family deals and parties to attend, but with the mixing date set we’re doing our best to get the shit done. I do think the holidays are a great time to be wrapping up the recording of this album though. Not to sound like a hippy, but the good vibes seem to be on our side as we lay down the final tracks.

So back to my original point of this post is that we are actually going into a proper studio to mix the album. This is a first for me man. Usually when we finish recording that only means we have two months of endless mixing to do on our own. Second guessing, and never being quite happy with the results. It’s like trying to put the final touches on a 4’ x 8’ painting you’ve spent 5 months on with your nose pressed up to the middle of the canvas. You just can’t see (hear) it clearly and it’s great to finally have an outside ear really help us dial it in. Can’t wait!


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