Friday, September 21, 2007

It's Been Awhile

So yeah, it’s been a while since the last update. No, the band did not break up and no, the main studio computer is still not totally fixed. We have been able to track some drums and a few bass tracks for the album tunes, but once again, every time I plug into an electric gtr the dreaded “crackle” seems to rear its ugly head. Luckily we did have the second computer (the one that has ended up in my home studio) up and running and were able to get live gtrs and bass tracked for the original 4 b-side tunes we started at the beginning of this recording session. This second computer is now in my home studio, the place where all the keys, samples and programming will take place. Even though we’ve been eating from the shit sandwich that is the computer problem now know as king of crap mountain I have had some solace in the fact that I’m able to grab a beer or three and head up to my little home studio and work on the b-side tunes. And I must say it’s been a very rewarding project. I brought these songs into the studio as something we could record just to warm up to the recording process and make sure everything was working before we got to work on the actual album. These were tunes I wrote up to 3 years ago. I spent a few days listening through to some old demo CDRs and picked a couple that we could use a guinea pigs if you will, but now that I have all the live tracks here at home I’ve been spending the time waiting for the main computer to be fixed nestled into my little studio putting the final touches on the b-side stuff and I have to say I’ve really fallen love with the results. This is a good sign man. If this first session at the new studio has resulted in some amazing soundings tunes I can only hope that the actual album tracks will reach above and beyond my greatest expectations. The studio computer is being totally rebuilt tonight.

My fingers are crossed and plenty of beers have been cracked in the name of progress. If you’re a drinker crack one for us. If you’re not a drinker cross your fingers. If you’re into yoga, twist yourself into the shape of a working studio computer and hold that position until I say everything is working as planned. It could be a race towards ZEN! I hope we win, but at the worst you’ll be a little closer right?

Keep an eye out and an ear open as I’ll be posting here more often as things are going to get better. I promise…………fingers crossed!


Here's a few recent pics from the studio. I'll have some pics and a video up of my home studio tomorrow.

Me doing Vox....through the control window....Trippy....or just a bad pic. You decide.

Jeff tracking some acoustic GTS on the B-Side called "Gold"

This is the new "power conditioner" rack. Should help with the "crackle".

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