Saturday, September 29, 2007

Home Sweet Home Studio

So things have been a bit rocky as of late so far as the recording process and fucking stupid recording computers go, but as bad as it may seem from my bitching on this here blog some work has been accomplished. The 5 “b-side” tunes I’ve been working on at my home studio are 98% fini. Hard to call’em b-sides anymore as they really do sound awesome and even though I have many more tunes written for the new album I just can’t count some of these guys out just yet. Trust me man. Good, good shit is happening.

Not to get into any personal life stuff here, but tonight was my second wedding anniversary to my beautiful wife Colette. A very happy day that was only made better due to the fact that our main studio computer if fucking fixed and working better than…..well let’s just say the fucker is working and the game is back on. Before the thing decided to break down we did get a chance to track drums for three actual album tunes. The basic bass and Gtr’s will be laid down on these tunes starting tomorrow.

And now a quick embarrassing/funny story relating to tonight’s anniversary celebration. I spent the day in the studio with Pete and Dave tracking some Gtr’s and vocals. All went very well. A pretty sober affair for the most part. Had a few beers and a wee little joint in the last hours of tracking but I had to head home around 8 to meet the wife for some celebratory drinks at a local bar (the Cantina). We had some high-end margaritas and I did a few shots of tequila along with a few beers. Good times all around, but I decided to head into my little home studio to do some tracking after said drinks. That went well enough, but after all was said and done I decided to break out the digital camera to make a little video of the studio to post on this here blog. In the process of turning all the gear back on to make the video the beers and shots took over and tweaked my equilibrium and my drunk ass fell into two of the keyboards knocking them straight to the ground as I tried my best to keep myself from landing on top of them and rendering them into shards of plastic and wires that could only produce a sound worth recording if I tossed’em down my stairs and mic’d them up with a delay pedal and Robert Plant crooned over the noise they produced as they made their finial decent towards the curb that would ultimately be their final moments of glory before being crushed next to food waste in the next South Philly trash truck to come along. Being drunk I had a good laugh, checked my self for any injuries besides the blow to my “I can handle my liquor” ego and then set the shit back up and checked it to make sure it all still worked. It did work and everything was fine. Here’s a little video of my little home studio and luckily still working keyboards.

Much progress has been happening. Much more to talk to you about real soon. Thanks for checking in!


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