Thursday, August 23, 2007

Time to shut up and put up

So tonight was the first official night of recording! We didn’t really get much done as far as “starting the album”, but we did track the drums for the first b-side tune. I must say it felt like x-mas morning to me. Just to see all the gear fired up and working was awesome.

This is how the recording process is going to go now that we’ve broken the cherry and know that everything is in working order:

Step one: Spend the first two weeks recording some old tunes I wrote a while ago. Tunes that will not be on the new album (unless we strike gold). This will just be an exercise of the recording process, working out the kinks of the new studio and feeling out the new space. I don’t want to jump right into the “good stuff” in the first weeks of recording because I know the shit will start to gel after a few sessions and I don’t want to waste time re-recording the tunes that will end up on the new album.

Step two: Record the fucking album. It’s that easy man. The Ol’two step.

As to what you can expect from this blog from here on out? Shit, tons of amazingly boring talk about what we did or didn’t accomplish every night, pictures of guitars, pedals, drums, us drinking booze, mics and various other recording gear. We will also be stepping up with some videos of the recording process. Snippets of all kinds of good and bad takes, sour notes and funny drunken moments. We’ll save most of good stuff for the final album.

Now a quick note to anybody that has read this far: Thank you! Check back often….if you’ve made it this far, you’ll be back (I hope). At the worst this blog will kill a few minutes of your boring ass day job. Work is for jerks my friends.


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