Saturday, July 14, 2007

recap the first real day...

so the first step in constructing the studio was to correctly measure and estimate how much material we were going to need. So I measured pretty much everyday for about a week and came up with this list.

10- 2x6x10.

12- 2x4x10.

4- sheets of 5/8 drywall.

4- sheets of 3/8 drywall.

4- sheets of 1/2 foam board.

1- solid wood door. which weighed a ton.

1- regular door.

a couple bags of insulation, nails, screws, liquid nails, spray foam, and some other random things… we loaded or overloaded dave’s car one night with all the wood and the two doors. Then my brother came down with his truck and helped us with the rest of the stuff.

we started that day after both jay and my brother magically disappeared. dave and i first started by covering the existing wall with the foam board. we overlapped the drywall seems with foam board, screwed it in and then duct taped the seems. next we laid out where the new wall was going to be and how far we should put it from the existing wall. it’s about 18 inches… note that pic is from my phone so it's a little crappy.

the framing for the window took a little bit of higher math to figure out and it still came out a bit off. the entire wall wasn’t square so trying to square up a window frame in something that’s not square, was a bit awkward. it sort of worked out in the end. the door on the other hand i thought turned out pretty god damn good. it opens and shuts smoothly and once we put the door jams and the walk way floor in it'll shut nice and tight...

the next day i built the door frame and hung it. The frame was relatively easy to build. The 2x6’s i used were straight so it made things a lot smoother. once i got the door in i marked where the hinges were going to be and started chiseling. i had to chisel because i currently don’t own a router. i got the door frame in place shimmed and screwed it in. then drilled the hole for the handle. put it on and i was basically done with that door... and yes it was that easy.

the last pic is of a hammer i made out of some oak 1x1 scraps i had. it’s really more of a wood mallet then a hammer. i needed one for some other project i was working on and i couldn’t find one at lowes so I made my own. jay was amazed that I built my own so he took a picture of it.

a little side note, i think this was the first or three or four days where i listened to the same three albums over and over again. the thermals ‘the body, the blood, the machine”, jonathan fire*eater “wolf songs for lambs” and teenage fan club “thirteen”…

there it is
"the HAMMER"

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