Thursday, December 11, 2008

First/Last with Jay

(image and content courtesy of Make Major Moves)

Philadelphia quintet Like a Fox opened the Mercury Rev/Dean & Britta show the other night at the Trocadero, and put on a fine display of psych-rock noise and loveliness. As PW’s Doug Wallen noted of the band — which features former members of the acclaimed, long-running local outfit Lenola — in his column last month: “It’s clear Like a Fox pack a lot of mood shifts. Their second album [Where’s My Golden Arm?] continues that way, spiking poppy sentiments with cosmic effects in a manner recalling the Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev.” Indeed. This week, Like a Fox main man Jay Laughlin helps us launch our inaugural “First/Last” column…

First/Last…album you bought?

Jay Laughlin: KISS Dynasty/Neil Young Sugar Mountain Live

First/Last…concert you saw?

JL: KISS Dynasty Tour/Nada Surf

First/Last…alcoholic drink you consumed?

JL: Old Milwaukee/Box white wine

First/Last…movie you saw in the theater?

JL: I think it was Jason and the Argonauts/Borat

First/Last…time you wrote a song?

JL: “Cardboard Box” for my old punk band Pointless a long, long time ago/”Rear View Review,” last night

First/Last…book you read?

JL: The Outsiders/Slash

First/Last…venue your band has played?

JL: Club Pizzaz/Trocadero

First/Last…celebrity you had a crush on?

JL: “Ginger” from Gilligan’s Island/We played with Dean & Britta a few days ago and Britta was pretty hot in person

First/Last…advice you got about making music?

JL: “Do it yourself”/”If you wanna make money don’t play music”

First/Last…goal you had regarding making music?

JL: To release my music on a 7-inch/To keep being able to release my music

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