Friday, October 24, 2008

Girl About Town review

Nice reveiw from Philly's Girl About Town blog:

November should prove to be quite a busy month for local heroes Like A Fox, who release their new long-awaited album on October 28th.  With their CD release show at Johnny Brenda's on November 8th, and a Tric Town appearance at everyone's favorite Delaware venue Mojo 13 on November 15th, the band will be gearing up for two great shows and pleasing fans both new and old.  The occasion for all the hoopla is "Where's My Golden Arm?", an album already garnering high praise for its guitar pop goodness.  The band's second full length release was an exercise in handiwork, as they built their own studio with their own hands, then recorded their own album (yes, with their own hands too).  Their hand crafted approach is well documented on the band's blog.  Mixing was handled by Miner Street's Brian McTear, himself providing a hands-on approach.  Is that why there's a golden hand on the cover art?  No really, frontman Jay Laughlin (guitar, vox) commissioned his brother to do the fantastic artwork for the new album.  Joining Jay in Like A Fox is Brian Wilkinson (bass), Jeff Scioli (guitar, keys), Dave Grubb (keys, guitar), and Pete Girgenti (drums).

The opening notes of "Where's My Golden Arm?" sounds like "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt.1" (Flaming Lips) but then later breaks out in guitar solo heaven.  Besides the overt Lips sound, the album is filled with lots of glorious power pop, Matthew Sweet style, with some synth overtones.  Therefore there are some 60s style guitar riffs, some 90s style heavy bass, and high nasal vocals.  We love "Heard the Shot", which covers all bases as far as guitars and synth goes.  And "Gold" is pretty great too, with the emphasis more on the electronic elements - that song gives us goosebumps.  Overall the album has a specific, tangible and cohesive sound which doesn't let us down once.  Make sure you catch Like A Fox in Philly or Wilmington very soon! 

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