Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Title, A Track List……An Album!

So the album is complete! Fuckin-A…..a ton of fun….work (I hate to call it “work” as for one we didn‘t make any money for the recording process, and two, anything you do for free in your spare time after the thing you call a “job/work“ that supply’s you with the actual money to enjoy your free time activities better be fun or you’re doing it wrong) , a bunch of hard (beer) drinking and now the beast in finally in the can as they say.

So as you can read below I was kinda having a hard time trying to name this album. I finally settled on “Where’s My Golden Arm”. It works on two levels for me now. This album means a lot to me and this title captures the whole “happy vs. sad/good vs. evil” aspects of the lyrics and vide of the music. I dig it.

The track list:
1. A Feeling That’s Launched A Thousand Wars
2. Inter/External
3. Night Person
4. Better Bring A Bomb
5. Gold
6. On The Way
7. Time Stands Still
8. Since He Was Born
9. Heard The Shot
10. Been Sitting Here
11. Just A Light Hit

The album clocks in at just over 41 minutes. This is perfect as at the outset of making this album I wanted it to be a concise ten to twelve song alum that didn’t exceed 45 minutes. We recorded 15 tunes and now have three great LAF besides and one track “Gonna Leave A Wake” that is so completely different that we’ll have to really search high and low to find a special home for (or we’ll just post it here on this blog one day). We’ll get to mixing the b-side stuff ourselves in the next week or so.

As always, my brother Chris is in the process of getting the artwork together. Once that’s in the can this fucker will be off to the pressing plant with a release date and our first shows in a good long time to follow.

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