Friday, December 14, 2007

A Visit From An Old Friend

So my old Lenola band mate and long time musician buddy Sean Byrne came by the studio tonight to hang out for the evening. I’ve spent the better part of 12 or more years making music with Sean. He’s been with me (playing drums) for all the post Turning Point music projects I’ve worked on up until Like A Fox. My man stood by me though thick and thin (mostly thin) for a long time. He’s since went on to release some amazing music with his own band “The Twin Atlas”. He’s the acceptation to the rule that a drummer shouldn’t write songs and stick to just playing the drums. I started out playing the drums and I’d still say I’m a better drummer than I am a guitar player/songwriter so I have to agree that that “rule” is bullshit. Regardless, it was a pleasure to have Sean in the studio. I knew straight off I wasn’t gonna have him in the studio to just hang out and drink with us while we went on with our business. He had to do some tracking, but I just wasn’t sure what or where to have him do his thing. One of the new tracks we just started tracking “Better Bring A Bomb” was pretty wide open, just an acoustic track with drums and bass. No vocals, no keys. Plenty of holes to fill. After I laid down a couple of electric gts to fill out the rhythm tracks and a simple “lead” gtr I handed Sean the gtr and an empty High Life bottle to lay down some slide gtr. 20 minutes later he had killed a two part slide harmony gtr deal. So good! He than went on to do some amazing percussion tracks that just took the song to the that “next level”. As I’ve said before, it’s the “headphone” tracks that make a song and Sean laid down some serious “headphone” shit tonight.

I’ve always been lucky to be involved in The Twin Atlas in one way or another. I’ve played guitar and bass with them in the live setting and have laid down a few tracks on their albums. It was nice to return the favor and have him along for the ride once again. Good times for sure!!

A sweet painting of The Twin Atlas live by Sean's pop Pete....Nice!

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Jen O. said...

that painting is amazing. looking forward to hearing the new stuff!