Thursday, November 29, 2007

Since We've Been Gone

Man-o-man. Yes, as Pete said “it’s been a long time” since the last update. You could blame this on being lazy, but I’m gonna blame it on being busy making music. A lame excuse for sure, but it makes me feel better. The last we left off there was tons of whining and complaining about “shit not working” and “can’t wait to start getting shit done”. Well as we said well over a month ago, the shit works and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing. Working, and I must say it’s been awesome. So awesome that I forgot that we even had this blog deal going.

So lets catch up shall we?

My goal for this record was to have 16 tunes to pick from before all was said and done. We’re gonna come up one short, but will still have to cut four or five songs for the album proper. Not to bad. We’re at the point where we can see the end of the road, but it’s a long flat road and the light at the end of the tunnel might be a bit further away then it appears, but if we keep the proverbial “nose to the grind stone” we should be able to wrap this fucker up in the next month.

The breakdown:

We have 13 of the 15 tunes just about wrapped up. Still need to tidy up a few details here and there. Wash’em behind the ears, change a few diapers, get the necessary shots and so on, but they are healthy and sounding better than I ever expected.
In the past 2 weeks we’ve laid down the basic tracks for the last three tracks. They are in the early stages, but the x-rays look good and we’re happy to tell you that they might end up being some of the strongest of our tribe.

It’s only natural that some survive and some must pass. We have a strong herd of songs my friends and the tunes that make it to the album will have proven their wealth through weeks of trial an error, leg wrestling and drinking games. I can’t wait for the final episode….

We’re back! More to come soon…….Posts…Pics….Vids…..

Thanks for reading!

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