Friday, August 31, 2007

“Today was a good day”

So today started off great. The Phillies swept the fucking Mets! Four games at home and we took’em all. I was at the first game on Monday and had the pleasure of seeing a nice blow out. With NY being only an hour or so drive from Philly every time we have the Mets at home the place is over run with douche Mets fans. It’s always a pleasure to attend a win in that situation, but four in a row is pretty damn sweet. It was a day game today that I watched from home and it caused me to get no work done. Probably one of the best baseball games I’ve watched in years.

With the positive vibes flowing, I got a call from Dave G. that the second studio computer (the one that will end up in my small home studio to do all the programming and keyboard stuff for the album) is up and running and we can throw it in the studio and keep working until the main computer is back on it’s feet (should be done is a few days). Awesome! He got the fucker working and transferred the original drum tracks on to the new computer and we were back in business.

I met up with Pete around 8 o’clock and we got back to tracking some gtr’s. We’re not “officially” working on album tracks yet. Just some old tunes to work out the kinks of the new studio, but we did get rhythm gtr’s and lead gtr’s down for two tracks. The first song is a rock-n-roll deal called “So Easy” and the second is a Neil Young-ish deal called “Leave A Wake”. For the latter we stuffed Pete’s bass drum with blankets and draped his snare drum with a towel to get that old school “puffy” drum sound. It worked out very well even though it doesn’t sound anything like what I want the actual album to sound like. If anything, it will be an awesome b-side. The Dylan basement tapes meet the future (well, maybe not even close to that awesome, but we’re trying).

The bottom line is that we are back at it and I had a fucking blast playing some gtr’s and getting loose tonight.


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